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I have always been interested in video production.  The entire process just fascinates me, and has ever since attending high school. Eventually, after numerous A/V courses, I attended Kutztown University to major in Electronic Media. Essentially, video production. I chose Kutztown because I liked the assurance of hands on production, cause I’m a doer not a talker. That said, upon graduating, finding work in the video industry in Philadelphia was hard. That said, I carried on here working jobs that bordered on the fringe of the video field, from doing duplications for infomercials to working in advertising. With grace and patience, technology evolved and video equipment (especially editing online) became more affordable and I began to learn and take classes in website design.

As time moved forward, I saw the merging of website design and video production, as well as similarities between the two. As my interest in web design grew, I began taking HTML/CSS courses at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. While there, something unexpected happened, I met and took classes with numerous talented graphic designers, who had an eye for color, typography, and overall style and layout designs. In working to keep up with them, I had a competitive moment where I wanted to do what they did better. In my own way. I realize there’s a need for designers, and artists. As one who’s attended and worked about 150 weddings, I’ve seen the need and skillsets to wedding photographers, DJs and more.

Only, with web design, I found I do it well also. Design, coding, and eye for color & style, photography. I mostly build out using WordPress designs, with customization in all work I do. I gear to the medium size business, who are looking for an overall of their design, to project out 4-5 years.

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