Philly Roller Derby

New Promo Video

Recently, I was in touch with members of local skating team for Philadelphia Roller Derby. Marketing tactics and strategies came up, mostly that of content marketing. Video, as always, dominates.With that said, I was definitely intrigued. I actually remember watching roller derby a bit as a kid, on some channel like Philly 57 Saturday mornings. Probably after watching wrestling or GLOW or something. I looked on Youtube, and it seems there’s clips of it from the 80s. Never quite gained traction.

I don’t know about the sport as a whole, but there seemed to be a lull thru the 90s-2000s, but Philly Roller Derby has been a team/club since 2004. Lately, it seems there’s been a resurgence, as interest has definitely grown and the sport/events seem to have gained a following. With that said, obviously the place they are pushing it is social media. What better way for such a team to keep in touch with fans thru their marketing than Facebook/Instagram.

So on a cold February night I stopped by a practice at their Roller Jawn location in the Germantown section. I was told they were excited, because they finally had heat for this season (It was broken the last year or two). Small wins. The place was great. some side offices, not all that used, a lobby decorated with their gear, stickers, promotional posters, gear and other things I’m sure, then, the rink located in a warehouse sized venue, roughly the size of a high school gymnasium (I think, it’s been a while).

So I brought my camera and shot, randomly, as I more just wanted to check it out and not interfere with their practice and skating. I got a primitive version of it, which was used to promote their derby for March & April. We stayed in touch and decided upon trying to create another promotional video. We felt this one should focus less on an upcoming event, and more on the teams branding in general. However, I wanted to really maxout this one, for me. Up the graphics, edits, and coloring style of the piece. I like the creative aspect of pieces like this, and I can try new things on the fly, shooting various styles, 60P frame rates, different lenses & camera angles etc.

Some editing work was done, a licensed musical piece by dope musical producer I’m in touch with from previous online interactions, LJOnDaTrack. A flyout of their teams powder blue, red & white colors scheme, and we have released the new promotional video for Philly Roller Derby!  Skate away…