Hurry, please read this. Let me tell you a story that is vital to your business growth. It’s a story about, lets call her Loser Linda, as it doesn’t matter what her name is. Loser Linda woke up one day last April with website design and video production servicing needs. You see, 2020 was the year a pandemic hit, and business turned on their head. Down was up and up was down.

Apps like Zoom and Facebook Live made things easy. So Loser Linda decided in her head that it was easy to run her business in a virtual model. Rather than recruiting firms to handle her digital needs, Loser Linda knew her babysitter, and saw how super she was at using her Iphone. So Linda invested her entire virtual strategy and platform into her babysitter.

Only problem, her babysitter couldn’t do any real website design. Neither could any of the complainers that worked for her. You see, Linda doesn’t surround herself with people with the skill sets to generate revenue. Instead, her business is staffed with general office bots, who hold onto their titles as a form of Leadership. In the book Developing The Leader Within You world renowned business writer John Maxwell defines Leadership By Position as the weakest form of Leadership in his ‘5 Levels Of Leadership’ ranking (Position, Permission, Production, People Development, Pinnacle). So when the time came for an sudden demand for digital skill sets to take charge, Linda’s staff all agreed with her, that there wasn’t a need to invest in digital first. Instead, Loser Linda invested into a digital is easy plan, and gave website and video needs to her babysitter.

The babysitter, we’ll call them Person Y, hadn’t the slightest clue to help the company achieve success. They had an idea, they thought of a random, far fetched idea, but didn’t have the slightest clue to actually create and make this idea a reality.

You see, video production and website design require actually skill sets of the following:

  • Pre-production planning
  • Scripting
  • Recording
  • Video editing
  • File conversion and uploading
  • Page Layout concept to creation
  • Linking
  • Graphic Design

None of which, Person Y, was experienced in. Therefore, they couldn’t make their idea a reality.

Which leads me to this: Anybody has an idea! It’s one of the great marvels of the universe. Everybody has an idea. I could run out to the gas station and ask people if they have an idea. I’m sure plenty have an idea for a website even. The difference is, they don’t know how to close the deal. They don’t have the skill sets or knowledge to make their ideas a reality. Often times I’ve seen ads in the old Craiglist days for ‘Videomaker wanted for new film project – No pay’ or ‘Website Designer needed – Share in profits’, but I’ve never seen a posting for “Website Design Ideas needed” from someone saying along the lines of ‘Hi, I build websites, but I’m all out of ideas. Can you help me? I can build these great websites but I don’t have any ideas. Need someone with ideas”.

Why? Supply and Demand. There’s 8 billion people on this planet with an idea, yet only a handful, the masters, the true masters, with the skill sets to close the deal and make that idea become a reality.

Don’t be like Loser Linda and let you business fall behind the digital curve. Invest in your business needs. Reach out to me to ask how I can help.



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