Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the ‘now’ of modern business marketing. With an unprecedented tracking and data analysis ability all the way thru your sales funnel, from page views, to campaign marketing success tracking, to returning visitors and measurement of each action on your website, the possibilities are endless. What’s not endless is the number of customers your business can acquire. Using each of the below steps and incorporating it with Google Analytics, we can accurately measure what’s working, and what’s not working for your website. In addition, business and marketing objectives can be decided based upon findings.

Think about that.

Avinash Kaushik, a master of web data analysis, clarifies the term when looking back onto the old days of radio, TV, and cable advertising. You had people with estimates, using a 3rd party TV research company with antiquated measurements for analysis, and the sales executives used those figures such as Ratings or Shares to the best of their advantage, and media buyers accepted these figures and spent monies within their advertising budget. everyone celebrated and believed those figures to be true. The HiPPO (Highest Paid Person in the Office) sat in a board meeting each month or quarter looking at charts of ad spend versus impact, and that was that.

That entire workflow is just so outdated in todays terms, it’s hard to believe so much money is still spent on old media. Today, advertisers can pay not only per click or per video view, but we can trace how many of those who viewed the ad clicked on the website. But, it gets better, we can then track what they did on the website? How much time was spent on the site, how many pages did they visit, what pages did they visit? Did they click anything, download a pdf etc. The opportunities are open.

Whats more, unless traditional media where the ad time was purchased, the marketing department reached out to its graphic designer who put together an ad or a TV commercial, the budget was reached, the ad aired, and that was that. People have very little insight into whether the ad was a draw to its customers. Did people enjoy it, did they think highly of the brand, did they even recognize who the brand was?

Reach out to me today and I’ll discuss with you what measurement tools I implement to run a successful ad campaign. From split testing using A/B ad roll testing we constantly monitor the success of each ad created. The solution, get rid of the lowest ranking ad. Get rid of it, it’s a loser. We’ll create another one, wait, review, and again get rid of the loser. Split testing. Contact me to get enrolled in the program.

Google Adwords

What’s most effective about AdWords is targeting people searching for ‘intent’. This is key because you wouldn’t want to be a florist and advertise to people searching for ‘Flowers’, because, if you’re not careful search phrases like “I think I’m allergic to flowers’ or ‘Is it acceptable to give flowers on a second date’ could trigger your ad to show. And while it may seem the user would not click on your ad (bad karma!), it can still affect your campaign. Imagine however, showing ads, to only people on a mobile phone, who search for “Local tow truck company”, or “Tow Truck near Lansdale, PA”. Well, that would seem to indicate the person is looking for a tow truck, and is on their mobile device. Possibly, their car broke down or won’t start.

In a past life, I worked for a small web hosting company, which wasn’t very skilled, and outsourced everything. They (thought they) dabbled in Adwords, and it was such a horrible process it’s pretty astonishing when I look back. They did a quick interview asking what it is your company did (Auto repair, carpets etc), asked if you had any keywords you could think of off the top of your head, otherwise this outsourced company surely had them all figured out and listed somewhere (surely they did, right?), they asked your location and radius, and how much you wanted to spend. And that was it. Little explanation, little research, no competitive research or analysis, no feedback as to what search terms & phrases were input for your campaign. Just swooosh there goes you’re money like your placing bets on a roulette table. Let’s hope it lands on black cause that’s where your money was bet on, whereas your customers are wearing a red shirts with odd numbers on them. Gee, if only someone looked a little deeper.

Video Marketing

In general, I’m speaking about Youtube Advertising here. Youtube ads can be created fairly easily. No longer are the days where big budgets are needed. A good videocamera or DSLR can definitely handle the job. What’s great with this is you can measure your success every step of the way. The phrase ‘Brand Awareness Campaigns’ simply irritates me anymore, because it shows a general neglect for the value that is there, embedded within all the data. The technology has leveled up, whats needed is someone to master that data, set businesses up with a campaign to measure that data, and the ability to analyze measurements of success for the campaign. Be it clicks, engagement, user activity and more.

Social Media Marketing

Again, the novice way of marketing on social media was to take a small amount of money, give it to Facebook, and see how many extra likes & shares we can get out of it. Then celebrate and congratulate each other on the job well done, and point to the number of clicks or likes that we got. The problem with that is for most businesses Likes and Views is not too relevant of a KPI. It does nothing to generate revenue. No local business ever stayed in business off of Likes & Page Views.


If you’re looking to build your business with proven analysis, get in touch!  We are committed to helped boost your business and establish brand recognition with proven data.