I love shooting weddings. So much so I am unapologetic about it. When I speak to people, I occasionally say ‘I’m a wedding videographer’, and I realize, at times, people take it as if it’s in vein. Conceded maybe. That isn’t me. Who I am, is the one who doesn’t poo-poo wedding videography, or view it as my stepping stone.

I put 100% into a couples wedding day. Having shot well over a hundred, it’s a nice¬† business to be able to look back upon and know I made so many people happy on their wedding day. It’s what I want you to know most about me.

I have my own website dedicated to it, which can be viewed here:


I strongly suggest getting videography to capture your day. Couples spend so much of their time and life planning for it, expenses on the venue, dress, hair & makeup, and DJ for dancing, to only hire a photographer is selling all that effort short. After all

Wedding photography captures your day, videography lets you relive it!

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