Web Design

37mediagroup | Philadelphia PA

I build websites. <span style=”font-size:1.8em…. oops, sorry about that. As I was saying, I build websites;) Having a video background, I went to college at Kutztown University and majored in video production. Web design & the Internet was in it’s infancy stages then, and not much of a major a Kutztown University at the time.

However, over the years I knew it was a much more expanding field, and in more recent years, I realized how the two technologies were merging. Eventually, enough was enough. I took one off classes here & there, bought a book, and the decided upon taking classes at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, learning HTML, CSS, JQuery, WordPress and more. I’ve taken this knowledge, and built numerous websites in my time, a few over & over. Constantly updating & revising it, bringing it to date with modern technologies.

If you are in need of an affordable website, and are in the Philadelphia region, feel free to reach out. Pricing varies on level on site setup and design required, however I can assure you my rates are reasonable. I have experience in a variety of businesses, from media firms (moi) to restaurants, day spas and more.