Livestreaming Video & Events

Philadelphia Livestreaming Video Services

Benefit By Livestreaming Your Events

Broadcast your business activities, sporting events, and more with the help of livestreaming services at 37mediagrop. Allow us to bring your meetings and events to life for a worldwide audience using various streaming platforms which are best suited to your needs.

  • Sporting Events
  • Webinars and seminars
  • business presentations & conferences
  • Local government meetings
  • video webcasts

Imagine providing access to branded video messaging to off-site business clients and co-workers. Or offering parents and fans a simple way to watch a high school sporting event while out of town. The possibilities are endless with video streaming services.

Local Livestreaming Events

Trust a local media firm that has provided livestreaming services to clients like the Philadelphia Junior Flyers since 2013. We have the technology & experience you are looking for. Ask us about our full-fledged TV capabilities, from picture-in-picture to green screen backdrops for special effects and virtual studio sets.

  • Wirecast production software
  • Tricaster Mini HD Professional grade streaming device with up to 4 inputs
  • Full 1080p HDMI streamed delivery
  • Facebook Live
  • Youtube Live
  • Intrado & On24 streaming platforms for CPE crediting purposes
  • Direct video feed embedded onto your website

Create professional, studio-produced video without the hassle of dealing with renting studio space and equipment because I have the experience to do so. Whether it’s a remote or on site project, I’ll come to your location and handle all the details. Contact us today for a FREE livestreaming quote.

Roku Channel Creation

Can your business or organization benefit by reaching customers on the big screen? TV attracts viewers with far better attentiona nd duration than internet video. Learn how we created two independent AVOD Roku OTT Channel Development channels with currently over 70,000 installations. Also, even if you don’t need a Roku channel, shouldn’t you feel more secure going with the livestreaming company capable of delivering live programming via Roku?

Have a Roku? Be sure to check out my Roku channels, Old School Social Studies Films & Kungfu Saturday Afternoon Jawns.