New Jersey’s Bruno Sings Sinatra


Recently, I had the pleasure of working with New Jersey performer, Bruno Sings Sinatra. It’ll go without saying, he is a Frank Sinatra lounge act, and a really good one at that. Atlantic City is a future destination for him, however this late summer evening he performed in Haddon Heights, NJ. With the intent of leveling up his media game for better presentation, the old cell phone & friends videos would no longer cut it. As approaching future events & venues will always want to see record of past performances, a professional video is a key requirement to such a sales presentation.

Having shot numerous weddings, I’m aware of the need to shoot in low light. As the event took place outside, it was a slight adjustment to adapt and ride exposure settings to continually adjust to the setting sun. For high quality audio recording, I tapped into the sound board to externally record an audio mix of the singing as well as musical backdrop. Lastly, photography. Admittedly it’s been a minute since I did some higher end photography shoots, but with my Sony a7 and on camera flash it was only a matter of a few exposures before I got them far & away shots better than they were expecting.

Photo and video is a perfect method to distribute and present what it is your services offer. They tell a story, allow the viewer to go to where it is you are, and lastly, they show the level of investment you are willing to make to your brand. You wouldn’t buy a t shirt or clothing from a website with photos snatched from a cell phone with products laying on someones picnic table or chain link fence, so consider this the next time you need to make a presentation to someone, or take a look at your website or social media page.

Are you looking for photography or video services to help your brand? If so, reach out to me and we can discuss ways that I can assist you. Just have a look at, Bruno Sings Sinatra.





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Bruno Sings Sinatra



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