With an emphasis on video production, I want to help your business grow by supporting you in your digital video services. Whether it is on site recording, business owner testimonials, or greenscreen or livestream production, I’m confident my 4k and livestreaming services will satisfy your needs, at a price that is affordable to you.

With over 10 years experience in the industry, I’ve seen alot change. I originally learned to edit on tapes, and shot my first wedding using a MiniDV camera. As time went on, trends came and went, GoPro’s, drones, DSLR & mirrorless cameras, gimbals and stablizers. Technology and cameras push forward, akin to the PC’s growth thru the 90s, or cell phone’s rapid obsolescence thru the 2000s. It’s a tough industry to remain in.

With that said, I have a diverse background. Having shot depositions, weddings, 2 quincenearra’s, livestreaming of sports, Camden Police banquets (where I briefly met both Vai Sikahema and Chris Christie), and corporate livestreaming for CPE credit hours.

If you’re looking for something specific, reach out today! I’m always curious to take on the needs of a client and solve their problem.