Livestreaming Live! Casino Philadelphia

So a while back I wrote about how I was contacted by a Philly MMA Promoter for Art Of War Cage Fighting. Well, this Friday is the date. It came up quick in some ways, however in others the days were a bit long. Many trial runs have been complete, serving HDMI to SDI out to accommodate multiple needs.

MMA PPV Live! Casino Philadelphia

MMA @ Live! Casino Philadelphia

A Broadcast Quality Production

Last week we had a walk thru tour with the casino’s security, marketing, and IT staff. It felt real at that point. Promoter Mike Bickings had alot of details to work out, regarding locker rooms, entrances, weigh in and drug testing samples. I was able to find time to speak with IT about connectivity, ports and outlet locations, which helped. I like to see things and get the lay of the venue beforehand. Also confirmed available entrance times for setup is noon.

The Video Equipment

It’s going to be a 3 camera shoot using a Tricaster Mini, capable of producing a full broadcast quality production. While I would like to run the PPV streaming side of things, he had mentioned he wanted to still use a website he previously attempted to go with, Starfund. Really, all they are doing is subletting to me their Vimeo Livestream account, something I could easily replace on my own using my Dacast account, but it gives me one less variable to concern myself with for this initial stream. Alot of factors and variables can arise, device and browser compatibility, PPV credit card authorization (pre-paid, overseas etc) things that, as Director of the broadcast, I may not have time to address while live. So, for this first show, I suppose having them handle that aspect works to iron out any kinks for me.

Tricaster Mini
Tricaster Mini

A Livestreaming First

So this Friday, April 1st is night one of Art Of War’s 2022 season. In fact it is actually the first MMA PPV being held at Live! Casino in Philly, so I am their inaugural broadcast. It’s a nice casino btw, we’ll be hosting an after party however I will not be able to attend Friday, as packing up and getting a good night sleep for Saturday nights event are my plans for the night.

Looking forward to directing the show. Friday, we ride!


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