OTT Channel Development

Roku & Fire TV Channel Creation

OTT Devices – Over The Top TV Devices.

Television is no longer expensive, but still produces massive impact among its viewers. Unlike PC or mobile browsing for video content, OTT devices tend to engage users and produce a form of viewer dedication, whereas those viewing online tend to become distracted, have other things going on, or multiple tabs open.

In addition, having an custom built channel for an set top device establishes branding that is unrivaled. It puts you at the top of your industry, seperating you from your peers.

Whether you are a small TV station looking to put your original programming on demand, are part of a sports league looking to stream games for friends & family to view, or are involved in entertainment or have a popular vlog and are looking to expand it to the next level, contact us for pricing on custom channel development.

Experience Matters

When it comes to any sort of business expansion method, opt to go with those experienced in the field. Establishing expectations, trust, and being consulted on expectations and capabilities will put you at ease while you can spend time on marketing and promotion of launch. We have created multi channels for Roku & Fire TV including Old School Social Studies Films which currently has over 50,000 installed users on Roku. Hosting your own channel is relatively inexpensive. We can assist you with video hosting, and really it is just updates and maintenance. Pricing for development varies on complexities of what your channel needs, in addition to if you are supplying things like graphics, images, video thumbnails etc.

*Please note, Youtube is not an acceptable video host for Roku as the URL provided does not have root access to the video.

Can I make money off a channel? Yes, just like all the big channels. Revenue can be generated directly one of two ways. Either PPV or ad supported. The first, is by setting up a Pay Per View channel via their devices portal. All credit card and financial transactions would be handled thru them, and paid out to you. Normally these are directly handled through the device manufacturer (Roku, Amazon) and therefore there isn’t a ‘database’ of your users to watch on various platforms like say a Netflix would (as they have teams of developers). If you are requesting this reach out to use and we can supply you with a quote if we find it a fit.

The second method, ad supported, uses a 3rd party ad sales provided to dynamically link in commercial to air during breaks. Ad rates are generally lower than cable & broadcast counterparts, and payout depends upon number of viewers (CPM – Cost per thousand)

All content needs to be copyright free, user created, or you must license the film, footage or music that is included. This includes any & all songs within a video.

If you are looking to have video content created, whether instructional, entertainment or in a studio setting please reach out to us as we can assist with your needs.