HD Video Solutions

A good carpenter doesn’t blame their hammer.

It’s true. I don’t believe my equipment makes me, nor do I ever intend to blame it. However I want you to rest assured I acquired every bit of it based on a decision, with the purpose of using it ‘for you’ in mind. I’m a fan of that saying btw, for you.

Every camera, every cable, every light, all the recheargable batteries were purchased with a shoot in mind. Therefore, I wanted to take a moment to pass along what prior clients of mine helped me establish, from Camden Police, to various law firms around the city I’ve shot depositions for, to hundreds of brides I was with on their wedding day.

Streaming Equipment

  • Sony X70 Camera
  • HP Laptop
  • Wirecast Software
  • HDMI connector
  • Dacast Livestreaming Account with embed capabilities
  • Fluid Head Tripod
  • Wireless Micropones
  • Audio Mixer

Wedding Equipment

  • Sony X70
  • Sony VG900
  • 2 Fluid Head Tripods
  • Sony 24-70mm 3.8 lens
  • Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens
  • Glide Gear slider
  • Benro Monopod
  • Zhiyun Crane V2


  • Sony Z5U w/date time burn in capabilities
  • Sony DVD Recorder for onsite DVD burning
  • 6 Shure wired microphones
  • Audio Mixer
  • Grey Backdrop