So I took a leap of faith, and ventured myself on-air for a greenscreen video for my Roku channel. It stemmed from me realizing that it seems all summer blockbusters this year have been postponed. Whuut? Yeah, that’s what I said.

Using a muslin backdrop that I have and a small 3 piece lighting kit, I sat down in front of the camera and went off. Maybe not exactly, but I had a rough outline of what I planned to say, which was, essentially highlighting the movies available on the channel, Old School Social Studies Films. (It’s mostly archive and public domain films geared towards educational yet with feature films)

In this video, I highlighted some of the top films, Charade, Sister Street Fighter, Plan 9 From Outer Space and more. Suggesting for viewers to tune into movies they otherwise may not be familiar with.

For the greenscreen to work, I used a paper backdrop, along with 2 studio LED lights. Then using a color adjustable light I use for wedding videos, I adjusted the coloring to a tungsten hue, for a more softer glow on skin tones. Once my lighting was setup, and wireless mic used, I shot in on my Sony X70 to card and did the greenscreen effects in post using Adobe Premiere’s Ultra Key.

Overall, I felt it came out great. It was as much for me about breaking the wall and ‘doing it’, as it was the technical and intent of informing viewers. So it did come out long, longer than I anticipated. However, after a bit of a rough start for the intro I felt it got rolling, and in time turned out good. Future releases will likely be shorter, more along the lines of a :30 second promo, while moving this onto the actual channel (in the Oddities category?), but a good start to green screen production and lighting.



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