I finished up a new promotional video soliciting webcasting. It’s twofold, layered, as it not only markets to potential webcasting clients in B2B, but also displays what a webcast can look like, using greenscreen and graphic design skill sets. While quite timely, for a webinar that is rebroadcast periodically, the initial investment would pay off over time. In addition, Powerpoint slides can be substituted for graphics for both expeditious turnaround, but also more of a self-serve approach. A method like this allows the speaker or client to have a more hands on approach by developing the content themselves in advance, and showing up the day of with it ready to go.

This allows for livestreaming ability, using Wirecast software. This is a robust software that has broadcast TV level potential at a reasonable cost. It also allows for streaming to various websites and platforms, from Youtube Live to Intrado or On24 for educational or CPE requirements. I spoke in a previous post how I streamed the movie ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ onto a Roku channel using this software. If you wanna talk about pushing boundaries and diving into the full potential of Wirecast, read up on how we incorporated their Twitter feed into the stream in Wirecast, and streamed it live in a .m3u8 HLS livestream (thru Dacast streaming platform).

Powerpoint can be incorporated live into the production in real time, along with the speakers ability to see them, either via a laptop screen or the Program Monitor showing the final shot. This cuts down on production costs, as it leaves only video editing to be done. One needs to keep in mind however, that quality of slides becomes a factor, as they need to be at a high level since the cover the majority of ones screen and attention.

Garbage In, Garbage Out as they say in the audio/video industry!


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