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Event Livestreaming Solves A Problem

You’re hosting a large event, hundreds in attendance are expected. What obstacles can you or they encounter?  Travel, lodging, travel expenses, sickness, cost cutting, a recession?  How about, the unexpected.

With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, attending a live event is becoming a concern. Talk has been circling of tradeshows having important vendors & sponsors back out, even with knowing they’ll lose out on hefty booth fees. After all, the thought of traveling and going to cities such as Las Vegas or Miami, which are heavily traveled from tourists from all over, would be a risk to put a companies staff into.

The same can be said for presentations and conventions. To ask local customers or clients to come to local venues such as Parx or Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, and surround themselves by strangers of unknown health condition or travel history, might cause one to decide to stay home. With less travel and expenses, one may see it as less to lose.

This is where livestreaming video of your event needs to be considered. By offering the luxury, safety, and convenience of virtual streaming of your event, your customers or employees can still view and engage the event, within the confines of their own home or office. Saving time & cost on travel, your attendees may have a better viewing environment than you’d anticipated.

What’s not to like right?

What if I told you all this can be done, in a professional environment using stable HD streaming software and cameras, with advanced features for more corporate livestreams, for a reasonable cost. I originally began streaming the Philadelphia Jr Flyers in West Chester PA for Hockey TV. Back then using the old red, white, & yellow connection cables in SD. Hard to believe I pulled it off but I did, and have shot & streamed hundreds of events since then. (I’ve upgraded my video equipment, in case you were wondering) If you’re still interested or wish to speak to someone about streaming your next event reach out to me, I’d be glad to discuss.



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